Restaurant Name: Firechief

Address: 169  Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East


Summary: Excellent service, excellent pizza, little pricey, no dessert

Pros: Excellent service- staff on the ball, excellent pizza – a lot of choice

Cons: no dessert option (at the time- the menu changes), some pizzas pricey

Review: I had never even seen this place before, and I drive past it all the time. Located in what looks like an ex-warehouse, it is  a very cool, new-age style restaurant. Not the kind of place you want to take it you want a cosy, intimate dining experience. At the back of the restaurant was a cafe – they were winding it down when we were there so I assume it’s only open during the day.

The firechief menu was lovely – you can tell whoever owns this place is passionate about pizza – here’s the menu for a sneak peek

I went for a simple prosciutto pizza (on a gluten free base). It was lovely! Normally with prosciutto pizzas I struggle to get through the whole thing because of the saltiness of the prosciutto, but that certainly wasn’t the case here (or was I just really really hungry…hmm). You can certainly tell the ingredients used are high quality.

Oh, one other thing to mention is the staff are very much on the ball. They are good sellers too! Everytime they came around they asked us if we were ok for drinks – if we wanted any wine or cocktails. They were prompt, courteous, and informative.

Looking forward to my next visit and to trying different authentic toppings.

Gluten free Prosciutto Pizza Firechief Pizzeria

Firechief on Urbanspoon


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