Restaurant Name: Moretons Brasserie

Address: 166 Rathdowne St, Carlton


Summary: intimate restaurant; beautiful food

Pros: Willing to adapt menu, friendly service, very intimate space in a gorgeous Carlton terrace

Cons: pricey

Review: this was the first time I’d been to Moretons, and it wasn’t so easy to find! But I’m glad I did! Probably seating around 30 people in total, this is an authentic French restaurant with the typical dishes you’d expect from a good French chef. A family run restaurant, the waitress was amusing, humorous and attentive. As soon as I told her I was intolerant to fructose, she nodded as if to signal she knew what I was talking about (aahh I love it when they don’t have the puzzled/slightly frustrated  “not-another-weird-food-intolerant-person” look on their face). She then proceeded to say “are you the ones that can’t have onion, garlic..” to which I nodded, but added there were numerous other things as well. As a start we looked over the mains and she told me what could be made without onion/garlic. We came up with the confit duck, but changed the side to strips of zucchini. Oh, and they actually put bowls of french fries out with the main meals. YUM!

Verdict: beautiful, moist, flavoursome  confit duck with tasty strips of zucchini, with a lovely side of french fries! There was some concern by the waitress that the duck may not be flavoursome without the normal accompanying sauce, but it was really really good! Actually I’m looking forward to taking another trip back just for that duck.

After my beautiful main, I was very excited to find a couple of things on the dessert menu that were suitable. One was the choclate mousse, and the other was a creme surprise (sort of like a creme brulee with berries) – the latter which my husband had. The chocolate mousse was quite rich and a little dense – not smooth and silky how I prefer my mousse. I got about 1/4 of the way through then finished my meal off with a lovely cup of tea, and complimentary macaroon

Moretons Brasserie Fructose Friendly

Fructose-friendly Confit Duck @ Moretons Brasserie

Moretons Brasserie on Urbanspoon


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