Restaurant Name: Wild Oak Restaurant and Wine Bar

Address: Corner Ridge Road & Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Olinda

Website: http://www.wildoak.com.au

Summary: Friendly service, good quality food, EXCELLENT dessert, some mains bit over-complicated

Pros: Wonderful, friendly waitress, beautiful fresh ingredients, specialise in dietary requirements, dessert was the BEST

Cons: bit pricey, mains could be simplified a little- seems like they put too many flavours in one dish

Review: I decided for my birthday this year to have a family dinner at Wild Oak restaurant, approximately 1hr; 50km east of Melbourne’s CBD.  I chose this because on the shortest (daylight) day of the year, I wanted somewhere that seemed warm and intimate, and also I read they catered to food intolerances so when I made the booking I told them I had fructose malabsorption. They assured me the chefs would be able to put something together without a problem.

Unfortunately when I booked the private rooms were already booked out, so we were in the main restaurant floor, which was fine it wasn’t overly loud. The waitress was friendly and helpful. She informed me that they recently had some dieticians come out to advise them on what foods are and aren’t suitable for those with FM. This was a piece of information I was really excited about, and I would really encourage more restaurants to do this – not just for FM obviously, but for all food intolerances and allergies.

I ended up choosing a duck dish and she assured me the chefs would make a side that would be suitable for me. The dish was OK, it was quite small, the duck was a little dry and the side was quite small. I remember there being lentils, carrots and some spices that reminded me of Indian food (which I like). I just don’t think it went that well with the duck. I was still hungry after my main (I didn’t order an entree as I usually find a main and dessert are enough) – so I asked for some vegies. This was beautiful! A lovely side of just-crisp fresh vegetables (from memory they were carrots, zucchini, potatoes, zucchini maybe?) covered in tasty herbs and some butter. Simple. delicious. And it really curbed my hunger. I actually think this should have been the entire side for my duck.

Since I had read the menu off their website, I had been dying to try their version of  “bombe Alaska” – vanilla pod ice-cream, raspberry and warm toasted meringue. THIS WAS DELICIOUS. I have been thinking of it since my birthday. A thin crisp shell, followed by a silky smooth surprise of marshmallow with vanilla icecream in the middle. And the beautiful raspberry sauce – it just all worked so magically together. Oh, it made it even better they wrote happy birthday on it for me whilst my family sang happy birthday.


Wild Oak on Urbanspoon


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